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Ande Cummings, Oct 3rd 2014 at 9.57am, Gold Coast, Australia

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Firstly Thank you so much for the beautiful necklace that you made with Riley’s prints.

When my son was stillborn I wanted more then anything to be able to hold him forever, being able to wear a beautiful piece of jewellery with his name on it was the next best thing.  When I discovered Tiny Touch could make a pendent from an ultrasound or scanned ink print, I realised that I could have part of him sitting right next to my heart always. I ordered the dog tag thinking it would look great for everyday wear, when we received the package my husband decided that he would be taking it to wear everyday. Although I had ordered it for myself, it is even more special to be able to see my husband honour his only son and have him so close to his heart everyday.

For the last four years my husband has found it hard to honour our son to talk about him with others and be able to deal with the standard reaction from people of not knowing what to say. It has been so lovely to see my husband wear the necklace, he put it on and has not taken it off once. This is a man that is not into jewellery. He showed friends the other day, proudly saying ‘ that is his actual hand prints’. I think I have felt more joy seeing him wear it then I would have if I had kept it for myself.

Rose at Tiny Touch was so lovely and kept us, up to date of when our order would be delivered. From the moment that we first spoke to the beautifully packaged gift box with our personalised gift tag with our son’s print on it, Tiny Touch did all they could to honour our beautiful son that was too precious for now.

Thank you so very very much x Ande